The Classic Bed Custom Built For Cats

Everyone who loves their pets treats them like a member of the family. That’s why 8 years ago in a small town in Maine, Randall Malm decided to custom build his cats a solid cherry bed, complete with bed posts and brass fittings. As a professional furniture builder, the bed Randall made was of top quality workmanship and materials.

Randall decided to market the bed, realizing that many other pet owners who love to spoil their pets as he does would certainly appreciate the quality product. Within months he had hundreds of orders for the classic cat bed. Who knew Randall‘s 16 years of building furniture would pay off by loving his cats?

The beds are made just like any quality-crafted bed with sturdy slats that run the width of the bed, supporting the queen pillow-sized cushion. Randall found that the most popular of cushion patterns is the plaid, which sets off the cherry wood nicely. The cushions are also custom made, right in his shop with the beds. These handcrafted products are still made this way today, 8 years after the first. “They are a quality item, not made and shipped from overseas,” Randall explains. “We use the best available materials.”

Randall has a total of 6 cats. “2 were strays that found a good home here,” says Randall, “and one surprised me 9 years ago with 3 more. I woke up about midnight to find my oldest cat having kittens.” Randall also has 3 dogs. And not to leave them out, his high demand beds are also available for dogs. More recently he started offering dog and cat bowl holders in 3 different heights. These are also made of quality materials and come complete with stainless steel bowls. Most are oval in shape, but there is one fish shape for the cats.

To find out more about the popular classic cat beds and Randall’s other great products visit his web site at or call Randall directly at 207-665-2168.

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