Raising Pygmy Goats as Pets: Pros and Cons

A goat makes a fantastic companion pet, despite the fact that this possibility is frequently disregarded. They are creatures that are affectionate, faithful, and docile in nature. They have the same basic requirements as any other kind of pet, such as food, clean water, a safe place to live, veterinary care, and love.

Pygmy goats reach an adult size comparable to that of a large dog, with a height that ranges between 16 and 23 inches (measured from the top of the shoulder blade to the ground) and a weight that averages around 120 pounds.

They can live between 8 and 12 years, and in some cases even longer. They are able to adapt to a variety of environments thanks to their coats, which can become either thin or thick over time. Although they are not as resistant to the cold as sheep, they are able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in temperatures as low as 20 degrees.

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Their spots can be white, tan, black, or even a color called agouti, which is created when white and black hairs are mixed together, giving the animal the appearance of being gray. Their markings come in a variety of colors.

It appears that their personalities are quite comparable to that of a dog. A woman in Monroe who owns a Pygmy mix named Jazzy says the following about her pet: “I brought her home and she fit right in.” Because she adored this location, she accompanied me everywhere I went, including inside the house. She was able to get along with the ducks, the cat, and the dogs…. After a while, I realized that one of her favorite things to do was to go for car rides. I would accompany her wherever she went.”

The females are very tame, and both the females and the males make good pets; the males, however, have an offensive odor. Although they can be bred, they should be spayed or neutered before they reach adulthood because they have a propensity for becoming hostile shortly after reaching that age.

In terms of food, there is something called “Goat chow” that can be purchased, and hay is something that should be given in addition to it. Because goats frequently develop obesity issues, it is important to refrain from giving them an excessive amount of treats.

Take extra precautions with your flower gardens because your Pygmy might eat the flowers. They will feed on any foliage or ornamental outdoor plants that are available, so you should take special care to avoid keeping any plants in your yard that could be toxic to them.

You should think about getting them a companion of the same species because they will thrive off of the company. It was believed that Jazzy, who was the only goat on the property, suffered from loneliness because of her isolation. However, “only for a brief period of time.” My cousin, who lives with me, recently acquired eight Nigerian Dwarf goats of her own. I help her care for them. So Jazzy has a large circle of friends at this point, and this makes her very happy.

The hooves are the primary focus of attention during the grooming process. In the event that they are not worn down by walking on rough surfaces, they should be trimmed on a regular basis. In most cases, it is performed once every four to six weeks.

Pygmy goats have a number of fundamental needs, one of which is a safe place to live. This protection must also include a real shelter, such as a barn or stall, in order to provide protection from the elements. A fenced-in enclosure is something else that needs to be provided so that stray dogs and other wild animals that could be dangerous to the goat are kept out.

Goats, like other domesticated animals, should visit a veterinarian once a year for a checkup and be immunized against diseases that are prevalent among goats, such as tetanus and overeating disease. Goats should also be kept away from other animals that may be sick or injured.

When their fundamental requirements are satisfied, goats make wonderful pets and companion animals. You are going to be amazed at the wonderful personalities that these animals have, and you will have many wonderful years ahead of you to spend doing so.

Get in touch with your neighborhood veterinarian if you have any further inquiries regarding pygmy goats.

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