Rabbit Adoption- Save Their Lives & Get a Companion

There are rabbits in every single place!

Expert on Bunnies from Susan Curtiss of Pets Press

Did you know that rabbits are the third most common type of pet that is abandoned in shelters? Do you know that rabbits, in fact, breed like rabbits, and that two rabbits can quickly turn into hundreds of rabbits in a very short amount of time?

Every day, there is a possibility that rabbits will lose their lives. The number of rabbits whose lives need to be saved by rescues and shelters is growing at a rate that cannot be kept up with. Education is of the utmost significance. It is imperative that animals be spayed or neutered. When released into the wild, domestic rabbits will perish. They lack the instincts of wild rabbits, which are necessary for survival in the wild. When people breed rabbits, whether on purpose or by accident, and then later decide that they no longer want the offspring, where do the rabbits go? There are a lot of shelters that won’t take them. The ones that are successful, such as the rabbit rescues, always have their facilities at maximum capacity in an effort to save the greatest number of animals.

Therefore, how many more people do you believe will be given a second chance in life? There are a lot of rescues and shelters out there, and many of them have waiting lists, so they are pleading for someone to foster a rabbit for them until they can find a good home for one of them.

Rabbits have a high level of intelligence, are exceptionally clean, and each have such wonderful personalities of their own. A great number of people have been mistreated or ignored. My astonishment comes from the fact that they are able to regain their trust once they are placed in a caring and stable permanent home. My volunteer work has allowed me to interact with a number of rabbits for which I am extremely grateful that they are able to be rescued and given a loving home for the rest of their lives rather than having their lives taken away for no apparent reason. They may be small, but they have such big hearts, and they can teach us, the human race, a lot of lessons about life. When I talk about rabbits that are kept as pets in the home, I am always referring to House Rabbits. My opinion is that they should be kept as house pets and should reside in the same location as their human owners.

You can go to www.3bunnies.org to find out more information about how you can help save the life of a rabbit and what it is like to have one as a pet. You will also find links to other rescue organizations, shelters, and educational websites there, in addition to educational materials and adoptable animals.

Help to save a life Adopt a Rabbit.

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