Premier US & Canada Dog Travel Guide Book is Now Available!

The most comprehensive travel guide for the 28 million Americans who take their dogs on vacation., a well-known Internet and print publisher of guides for traveling with pets, now provides a comprehensive travel guide for people who take their dogs on vacation. The book, titled’s United States and Canada Dog Travel Guide (ISBN 0971874255), can be purchased in physical bookstores as well as on the website. The travel market for people traveling with their dogs, which is estimated to account for nearly 30 million people in the United States and Canada, now has a genuine travel guide of its very own. Previous titles in this field were primarily just lists of hotels that allowed dogs, with some hotels only allowing small dogs and others only allowing dogs to stay in smoking rooms. Some hotels only allowed dogs to stay in smoking rooms. People who travel with their dogs were not provided with the other travel information that they required and desired. This book not only includes places to stay, but it also includes places to go with your dog, such as parks, historical sites, outdoor restaurants, beaches, areas where dogs are allowed off-leash, and more. The book provides details on the maximum size, weight, and number of canines that are permitted in individual rooms. The focus of this guide is on places to stay that welcome canines of any size and also let owners bring their pets into smoke-free rooms. Also included are travel tips, pet guides for each National Park, information on airline pet policies, and listings of local transportation options that are dog-friendly. The book has 720 pages and contains color photographs of different locations that you and your dog can visit.

Over the course of more than 150,000 miles, the authors of the United States and Canada Dog Travel Guide on traveled with their dog throughout the entirety of the United States and Canada. They have been the subject of numerous radio and television interviews, including those conducted by CNN and CBS, and they are the publishers of the popular website, which receives more than 5 million unique visitors each year.

According to Tara Kain, the author of this book as well as the founder of, “This book is the only one you’ll need to travel everywhere with your dog.” “Not only does the book show you great places to stay, but it also shows you dog-friendly parks, including off-leash parks, outdoor dining, beaches, and other attractions,” the author of the book said. The highway guides point out convenient places to stop along the route so that you won’t have any trouble finding a place to stay for the night. This book will make your journey a lot less stressful if your pet weighs more than a few pounds, so make sure you get it.

Visit for further information, or call 877-475-2275 to place an order over the internet. Unleashed: The Dog Runs of New York City (Paperback – Coffee Table Book), Winery Dogs of Sonoma (Hardcover – Coffee Table Book), Winery Dogs of Napa Valley (Hardcover – Coffee Table Book), Winery Dogs of Sonoma (Hardcover – Coffee Table Book), Ebook:’s Lodging Guide for Travelers With More Than One Dog, Every Dog’s Legal Guide, and Ebook: DogFriendly

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