Pet-friendly Lodgings on the Rise

AAA Reports an Increase in the Number of Accommodations That Welcome Pets

There is No Obligation to Travel Outside the House Without Your Top Four-Legged Friend

According to AAA, the number of lodgings that are now able to accept pets has increased by 28 percent since 2003. Furthermore, in order to be even more accommodating, a growing number of lodgings are offering specialized pet treats, services, and activities.

The American Automobile Association (AAA), publisher of Traveling With Your Pet: The AAA PetBook(r), claims that hoteliers are catering to the millions of people in the United States who travel with their pets each year by providing an increasing number of specialized amenities. The most common types of treats consist of specialized menus, plush dog beds, food and water bowls, and identification tags. The luxurious robes and the walking service are just two of the optional extras that are available to guests. Doggie massages and grooming are also available.

The AAA’s pet travel guidebook includes listings for more than 13,000 lodgings that are pet-friendly. However, if you prefer vacations that are more on the adventurous side, you will want to check out the book’s listing of more than 400 campgrounds that are pet-friendly. According to the results of a survey conducted by the AAA, one of the most popular ways to travel with pets is to go camping. Other popular activities for people traveling with their pets include going to the beach, exploring national and state parks, hiking, climbing mountains, and swimming.

Traveling With Your Pet: The AAA PetBook includes detailed information and tips on traveling with pets by car or by air, a list of dog parks in the United States and Canada, a list of animal clinics across the country, tips for selecting an airline, choosing an appropriate travel crate, pet safety guidelines, and a thorough checklist to make sure your pet is travel-ready. Other features of the AAA PetBook include: a list of dog parks in the United States and Canada; a list of animal clinics across the

In addition, the covers of the brand-new eighth edition of the book feature two of the winning photographs that were submitted to the AAA PetBook Photo Contest. Addy, a rescued mixed breed dog, is seen in one of the photos taking in the sights at White Mountain National Forest in Laconia, New Hampshire, while Kenzie, a West Highland White Terrier, is seen in a field of bluebonnets in Granbury, Texas. Both dogs were adopted from animal shelters.

You can view these photographs, as well as the rules and entry requirements for the AAA Pet Photo Contest, on the website located at The winner of the competition will receive one hundred dollars, as well as five complimentary copies of the book and an entire year’s supply of Milk-Bone dog treats (s).

The American Automobile Association (AAA) recommends that you make the following pre-trip preparations before traveling with your pet:

• Visit the veterinarian to ensure that they give you a clean bill of health. Be sure to get a current health certificate that shows proof of recent immunizations and pack it with all of your other essentials.
• Review appropriate social conduct. It is important to keep in mind that the unfamiliarity of travel situations can put even the most well-behaved pets through a test of their temperament.
• Learn about your destination. Be aware of potential hazards to your health and safety at your destination, and make appropriate preparations.
• Decide which mode of transportation will serve you best. Even though the vast majority of people who travel with pets do so by car, airlines are pet-friendly. Before you go, make it a priority to find out what kinds of pets and what sizes are prohibited there.
• When packing for your pet, exercise the same level of care that you would for yourself. The book also contains a checklist of items that are required to complete the task.
• When You’re On the Road With Your Pet: Better bookstores, AAA club offices, and online at all carry copies of the AAA PetBook, which is also available there. The cost of the cover is $17.95 in the United States and $24.95 in Canada.

More than 49 million people are members of the American Automobile Association (AAA), making it the largest motoring and leisure travel organization in North America. AAA offers services related to travel, insurance, finances, and automobiles. Since its inception in 1902, the Automobile Association of America (AAA), a corporation that operates on a not-for-profit basis and is the nation’s oldest and largest federation of motor clubs, has been a pioneer in the promotion of traveler safety and security.

For additional details, please contact AAA at the following number: (800) 842-4320 or visit their website at the following address:

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