Pet-Friendly Backyard Ideas That Will Be Also Enjoyed By Family & Kids

Create a Retreat All Family Members Can Enjoy

(MS) — The purpose of a backyard varies from homeowner to homeowner. Some want a secluded, quiet place to which they can retire after a hard day’s work. Others want a place where they can show off their gardening skills. Still, others are looking for an area where the kids can play ball, or the dog can frolic and chase squirrels. Many want a combination of all these factors but aren’t quite sure how to begin.

With a little imagination and some tips from Scenery Solutions, a company that specializes in high-quality garden materials, the entire family can peacefully coexist in the backyard. Here’s how:


Dogs, cats, a pot-bellied pig — pets today are members of the family more than ever before. They’re sharing home space (maybe even a spot at the foot of your bed) and they, too, want a chance to enjoy some fresh air outdoors. The trouble is, pets and lawns/gardens aren’t always the best of friends. Dogs and outdoor cats can discolor lawn when urinating or may tear up shrubbery in their pursuits of “prey.” Dogs may also dig unsightly holes, leaving your yard looking more like a minefield than a welcoming retreat.

The key to sharing yard space with your pets is to create areas that are okay for your furry friends and ones that are decidedly for those who walk on two, rather than four, legs. Edging products, like those from Scenery Solutions, can do just that. Frame out an area of territory that is a pet paradise — a place that is far enough away from your patio or entertaining area so that odors or mess won’t interfere with your enjoyment levels. Train your pets to use this area for play and for “conducting business.” Make it inviting for them, placing toys, bones, and other fun things in the space. You can fill the area with mulch or sand, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining grass in this space. Camouflage the area from the rest of the yard with shrubbery so any eyesores will be hidden. The shrubs (particularly if you use thorned or prickly varieties) may also deter your dog from trying to roam free in the backyard.


Backyards were created with kids in mind — offering them a place where they can play for hours. However, children given free roam over the entire yard may cause headaches, particularly for those who want to maintain some aesthetic appeal in the yard as well.

Just as you did for the family dog, designate play areas in the yard for the kids, and frame them out with the Frame-It-AllTM System from Scenery Solutions. You can customize the height and shape of a border to surround a playset, a baseball diamond, or use the system to design a sandbox for the younger children. As the children grow and their ideas of fun change with age, these playspaces can morph into areas you can enjoy. Turn the sandbox into a raised garden bed, erect a vegetable garden where the playset once stood, and transform that baseball diamond into a pond or water feature.


After a long day or week at work, a backyard can serve as a restful place. Filling it with key elements that add to that serenity is key. Water features are growing in popularity and are a must-have for many people. What’s unique about the products from Scenery Solutions is that you can create a customized pond or waterfall in your yard with minimal work. Traditional ponds require digging down several feet and then lining the hole and filling with water. A Dig-less Water Garden involves stacking up composite timber and joints into the shape and height you desire. The kit contains all you need to create a water focal point without contending with hidden roadblocks like boulders, packed-down soil, or high water tables in your yard.

Other ways to create an inviting retreat are by filling your space with colorful flowers or aromatic herbs. Do so easily with raised garden beds. You’ll avoid strain on your back from kneeling at ground level to maintain the beds, and the raised design will improve water flow and accessibility to your plantings. They’ll also help to keep the kids and pets out, should they happen to wander out of their designated areas.

Let all members of the family enjoy the yard. For more ideas on transforming your landscape with easy-to-use products, visit

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