Pet-friendly Backyard Ideas for Homeowners With Family & Kids

Make the backyard a haven that the whole family can appreciate.

Different homeowners will have different goals in mind when designing their backyard spaces. After a long day of labor, certain people long for the opportunity to unwind in an isolated and peaceful setting. Others are looking for a place where they can demonstrate their expertise in gardening. Still others are searching for a place where their children can run around and play ball, or where their dogs can run around and chase squirrels. Many people have the goal of achieving all of these things at once, but they don’t know where to start.

Scenery Solutions, a company that specializes in providing customers with high-quality garden materials, can offer some helpful pointers and suggestions to ensure that members of the family are able to coexist peacefully in the backyard. How to do it:


These days, pets such as dogs, cats, and even pot-bellied pigs are considered members of the family more than they ever were in the past. They are occupying space in your home (perhaps even a spot at the foot of your bed), and like you, they would like the opportunity to go outside and breathe in some fresh air. The problem is that pets and lawns or gardens aren’t always getting along very well with one another. When dogs and cats have access to the outdoors, they may urinate on the grass, which can stain it, or they may tear up shrubbery in their pursuit of “prey.” Dogs can also leave unsightly holes in your yard, making it look more like a battlefield than a relaxing retreat if they are allowed to dig.

Creating areas in your yard that are suitable for your four-legged friends and others that are unquestionably reserved for those who move around on two legs rather than four is the key to successfully sharing yard space with your pets. Edging products, such as those sold by Scenery Solutions, are able to accomplish exactly that. Create a section of your property that is dedicated to your pet and serves as their private paradise. This spot should be located in a location that is separated from your patio or other gathering space by a sufficient distance to ensure that any odors or messes created by your pet do not impact your ability to enjoy yourself. You should accustom your animals to using this space not only for recreation but also for “business.” Create an inviting environment for them by sprinkling the area with their favorite toys, bones, and other playthings. You won’t have to worry about the upkeep of the grass in this space if you choose to fill the area with mulch or sand instead of grass. With the help of some shrubbery, you can hide any potential eyesores in this section of the yard from the rest of the yard. It’s possible that the shrubs, particularly if you choose varieties that are thorny or prickly, will discourage your dog from attempting to run free in the backyard.


Backyards were designed with the idea that children would benefit from having a place where they could spend a significant amount of time playing. On the other hand, allowing children unrestricted access to the entirety of the yard could prove to be a source of frustration, in particular for those who wish to preserve the yard’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Create designated play areas in the backyard for your children, just as you did for the family dog, and then frame those areas using the Frame-It-AllTM System that is offered by Scenery Solutions. You can use the system to design a sandbox for younger children by giving them the ability to customize the height and shape of a border that will surround a playset or a baseball diamond. These playspaces may eventually become areas that you can enjoy as the children mature and their ideas of what constitutes fun shift with age. Transform the sandbox into a raised garden bed, create a vegetable garden in the space formerly occupied by the playground equipment, and convert the baseball diamond into a pond or other type of water feature.


A backyard is a perfect place to unwind and relax after a hard day (or week) at the office. It is essential that it be stocked with vital components that contribute to that sense of tranquility. The number of people who believe that having a water feature in their home is essential is on the rise. The products sold by Scenery Solutions have a number of distinct advantages, one of which is that they enable you to construct a pond or waterfall in your backyard with a minimum of effort required. In order to create a traditional pond, one must first dig down several feet, then line the hole, and finally fill it with water. To create a Dig-less Water Garden, you will need to stack different types of composite timber and joints into the desired shape and height. You won’t have to worry about hidden obstacles in your yard such as boulders, compacted soil, or high water tables if you purchase this kit because it comes with everything you’ll need to design a water feature there.

You can also make your space feel more inviting by filling it with fragrant herbs and colorful flowers. This is another way to create an inviting retreat. Raised garden beds make this process very simple. Because of the raised design, you won’t have to kneel on the ground to maintain the beds, which is better for your back. Additionally, the raised design will improve the water flow and accessibility to your plants. In the event that children or pets accidentally leave the areas in which they are supposed to be, these barriers will also assist in preventing them from leaving.

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