Pet Diet: Nutritional Requirements for Their Well-being

The main course: what to serve for dinner to ensure your pet is getting the nutrition it needs

By Mark Edward Nero Copley of the Mark Edward Nero Copley News Service

The majority of us have an unhealthy preoccupation with the foods we consume and the manner in which we do so. We are preoccupied with the number of calories we take in and compile detailed check lists of what can and cannot be eaten.

However, despite the fact that we sometimes pay careful attention to our own diets, this attention is not always extended to the diets of the approximately 75 million cats and 60 million dogs that share our homes in the United States and are considered to be household pets.

It’s common for people who own pets to believe that their animal only needs one type of food throughout their entire life. The majority of commercial pet foods contain cereal grains as their primary ingredient, and many owners choose a single brand of pet food and continue to give it to their canine and feline companions for an extended period of time.

However, the idea that a single type of food can fulfill all of a pet’s dietary requirements throughout its entire life is a myth, according to professionals in the field of pet nutrition.

In point of fact, the nutritional requirements shift as the animal matures from youth to adulthood to old age, and these shifts are dependent on the size of the animal as well as its age.

Dan Carey, a veterinarian working for the Iams pet food company, explained that the condition is extremely comparable to what is observed in humans. Puppies have higher requirements for both protein and calcium than adult dogs do.

According to Carey, “Large dog breeds have different requirements compared to smaller dog breeds.” “Smaller dogs have a lower requirement for calcium than larger dogs do.”

Once they reach the age of five, adult dogs of large breeds typically need a change in their diet; for adult dogs of small breeds, this change in diet is typically required at the age of seven. In most cases, the specific kind of modification that the animal needs is determined by factors such as its breed and its weight.

Carey explained that the situation is a little bit different with cats. At the age of seven, children begin to exhibit signs of a changing metabolism.

According to Carey, one thing that is almost always required with animals as they age is a reduction in the amount of fat that is contained in their food.

He told me, “You still have to give them a lot of protein, but you don’t want to give them too much fat.” “You still have to give them a lot of protein,” he said.

Altering the brands or flavors of dry food that your pet consumes every three to four months is another recommendation made by professionals in order to prevent deficiencies or excesses of ingredients that could be problematic for your animal companion.

In addition, when switching dry foods, it is recommended to mix one-fourth of the new food with three-quarters of the old food. Additionally, it is recommended to increase the amount of the new food that is being fed to your pet by a small amount each day in order to gradually accustom your pet to the change.

Certain pets, on the other hand, may require a more gradual transition that takes place over the course of two or more weeks. Never allow a cat to miss more than one or two meals; if necessary, go back to the food it was eating before.

If you give your pet a new food or supplement, be on the lookout for subtle shifts in their skin and coat, appetite, energy level, mood, itchiness, discharges or odors, body weight, and the size and consistency of their stools. If you notice any adverse effects, you should switch to a different food. If the deviation continues, you should make an appointment with your veterinarian.

Other suggestions include the following, which were provided by the Animal Protection Institute, the Pet Food Institute, and various other organizations that are committed to the physical and mental health of domesticated animals and pets:

• Keep the dry food for your pet in a place that is cool and dry, and store it in a container that is airtight and nonporous, like a large popcorn tin. When storing canned food in the refrigerator, it is best to remove the food from the can and place it in a container made of glass or ceramic.

• As a general rule, it is preferable to only provide one or two meals per day as opposed to leaving food out all the time.

• Feed some canned food, which, in comparison to dry foods, typically contains more protein derived from animals and less grain. Wet food should make up at least half of a cat’s diet because it eases the strain on the kidneys and helps keep urine from becoming too concentrated. This is especially important for cats.

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