Permanent Pet Identification: Pet Tattooing

Nearly one out of every five dogs in the U.S. will be lost or stolen this year. Pets that are kept indoors or in fenced yards are the most vulnerable. Once outside their “territory” they become easily disoriented. In 1989, over 17 million dogs were put to death in shelters across the country. Many were loved family pets that had simply become lost. Millions of pets each year are stolen for sale to puppy mills, dog fighting operations and research laboratories, never to be seen again because they had to permanent, traceable identification to show where they belonged.

Unfortunately, the common means of identifying animals are inadequate. Collars and collar tags are too easily lost or removed. The most effective method of permanently identifying a pet is worth a registered tattoo.

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Northern Lights Kennels, an Authorized Agent for National Dog Registry of Woodstock, NY, now provides this desperately needed service to pet owners in the Feeding Hills, MA area. Only Authorized Agents can assure that the identification procedure is properly completed.

The tattoo number is applied to the inner thigh or abdomen of the animal. Social security numbers are most commonly used to avoid duplication, but other numbers are acceptable. The process takes about two minutes and, unlike human tattooing, is completely painless. The tattoo number is then registered with NDR, completing the identification and protection process.

Since 1966, National Dog Registry has been the world’s leader in returning missing pets to their homes. For almost 250,000 continuous hours, NDR has staffed a hotline that provides instant access to a pet’s identity and ownership. For its membership of over 3,000,000 animals, NDR maintains constant contact with research facilities, animal shelters, veterinarians, animal control officers and rescue groups across the country, all of whom know to contact NDR immediately if a tattooed animal is found. This network, combined with NDR’s sophisticated computer system, produces a recovery rate of better then 95%.

Endorsed and used by nearly every major animal organization in the country, a lifetime membership in National Dog Registry is only $35. This one-time fee protects every tattooed pet a person will ever own, plus provides the pet owner with access to other services NDR provides. These include a complete owner’s kit, unlimited access to its missing pet counseling service, support products and much more.

It is important to understand that an unregistered tattoo (or one registered only with a “local” organization) is in most cases completely worthless. There is no reliable way to trace the identity or ownership of an animal with an unregistered tattoo, and lost and stolen pets are frequently found a distance from their home area, where the finder may not be away of the existence of a local system.

For further information about this important service, contact Donna Blews at Northern Lights Kennels, 1207 North Westfield Road, Feeding Hills, MA 01030, phone (413) 789-9877, or National Dog Registry for an Authorized Agent near you at 1-800-NDR-DOGS (1-800-637-3647).

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