Permanent Pet Identification: Pet Tattooing

In the United States, approximately one out of every five dogs will go missing or be stolen this year. The safest environment for pets is an indoor environment or one that is contained within a fenced yard. When they leave their “territory,” they have a hard time reorienting themselves. More than 17 million dogs were euthanized that year in shelters located all over the United States. Many of them were much-loved family pets that had mysteriously disappeared. There are millions of animals that are kept as pets that are stolen every year for the purpose of being sold to puppy mills, dog fighting operations, and research laboratories. These animals are never seen again because they do not have identification that is permanent and can be traced back to where they came from.

Unfortunately, the methods that are most commonly used to identify animals are not sufficient. The collars and tags attached to the collars are far too easy to misplace or remove. A registered tattoo is the most effective method for permanently identifying a pet, and it should be used whenever possible.

Pet owners in the Feeding Hills, Massachusetts area can now take advantage of this much-requested service, which is provided by Northern Lights Kennels, an Authorized Agent for the National Dog Registry in Woodstock, New York. Authorized Agents are the only ones who can guarantee that the identification process has been carried out correctly.

The animal will have the number tattooed on the inside of one of its thighs or on its abdomen. In order to avoid duplicates, social security numbers are the most frequently used number, but other numbers are also acceptable. The process takes about two minutes and, in contrast to human tattooing, there is no discomfort involved in any stage of it. Following this step, the tattoo number will be registered with NDR, which will conclude the identification and protection process.

Since its founding in 1966, National Dog Registry has been the preeminent organization in the world for reuniting owners with their misplaced pets. NDR has maintained a hotline that has been staffed for nearly 250,000 hours straight and offers instant access to information regarding the identity and ownership of a pet. NDR stays in constant contact with research facilities, animal shelters, veterinarians, animal control officers, and rescue groups across the country. These individuals are aware that they should get in touch with NDR as soon as possible if they discover a tattooed animal. NDR has a membership of over 3,000,000 animals. When this network is combined with the advanced computer system that NDR uses, the result is a recovery rate that is higher than 95 percent.

A lifetime membership in National Dog Registry can be purchased for only $35 and is recommended and utilized by almost all of the major animal organizations in the country. This one-time fee protects every tattooed pet an individual will ever own, and also grants the owner access to other services that NDR offers. These include a comprehensive owner’s kit, unrestricted access to its lost pet counseling service, a selection of support products, and a great deal more.

It is imperative that you are aware of the fact that a tattoo that is not registered, or that is only registered with a “local” organization, is in the majority of instances completely worthless. It is impossible to determine the identity or ownership of an animal that does not have a registered tattoo, and it is common for lost or stolen pets to be located in a location that is some distance from their usual neighborhood, where the person who discovered them may not be aware of the existence of a local system.

Contact Donna Blews at Northern Lights Kennels, located at 1207 North Westfield Road, Feeding Hills, Massachusetts 01030, via telephone number (413) 789-9877, for additional information regarding this essential service, or call the National Dog Registry at 1-800-NDR-DOGS to be connected with an Authorized Agent in your area (1-800-637-3647).

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