Local Experts Publish New Holistic Care Book

By Tamara Sevigny

A local Bridgeport couple launched their first book nationally, “The Goldsteins’ Wellness & Longevity Program, Natural Care for Dogs and Cats.” The book was only released early this year and it has already received the Maxwell Award by the D.W.A.A. Award (Dog Writers Association) for best new heath care book for dogs and cats.

Holistic Veterinarian Robert Goldstein and his partner Susan Goldstein are the founders of the very popular Earth Animal Healing Center for Animals in Westport. They have devoted three decades as pioneers in a new field of Veterinary Medicine, “Integrative Medicine”, which combines natural therapies with conventional veterinary medicine. Together they have educated thousands of clients and veterinarians worldwide on the usage of safe, effective and affordable alternatives combining natural therapies, nutrition and homeopathy. Based upon the Goldstein’s twenty-five years of clinical experience, they have successfully helped animals with chronic diseases such as allergies, arthritis, cancer, diabetes and organ dysfunctions.

The Goldstein’s book is divided into two sections, the first being wellness and prevention. The second offering practical solutions for just about every common condition an animal faces in their lifetime.

“A burning question in animal lovers is ‘Am I feeding properly?’,” says Susan, “and we recommend many foods we have used over the years.” The Goldsteins point out that each animal has individual needs, and not all health foods are created equal. People are taught that everything their pet needs is “in the bag” or “in the can,” but pets do require supplements with enzymes and vitamins. They believe that any pet food that is cooked above 225 degrees takes away many of the vitamins and enzymes and this is often the case with foods found in bags and cans. The Goldstein’s food plan will get you on your way to feeding your pet a balanced diet. It is an easy to follow, 3-step plan, with simple ideas that won’t break the bank. They also cover topics such as raw diets, rating your current pet’s food, finicky eaters and overweight pets.

Allergies in pets are always a big concern. Especially in the spring and summer. Nutritional and homeopathic remedies can be used to help eliminate symptoms as well as treating your pet’s emotions, as a possible cause of allergies. Emotional treatment to pets is an overlooked topic. “Animals absorb a families emotion,” says Susan, “if there is a divorce going on, death in the family, or any type of stress, the family pet will pick that up.” The #1 product offered by Earth Animal is Return to Joy, a rescue remedy to help treat your pet’s emotions. Anytime there is anything strange going on, even fireworks, thunderstorms, construction in the house, the variety of remedies they offer will help. The book offers some great tips on helping with these concerns.

The book also offers an updated approach to treating cancer. The Goldsteins call it “an epidemic in domestic animals.” Susan points out that “if we understand where it comes from we can beat it.” Different treatments are discussed, some of which are surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, diet, herbs, vitamins and a combination of some of the natural therapies and clinical ones, as well as how nutrition can be an excellent preventative.

Another great section in the book covers vaccinations. In recent years veterinary medicine has discovered that there are many side effects to vaccinating. Susan points out that “we are over vaccinating our animals. There are safer ways to vaccinate our pets.” There is now available a titer test that will tell you if your pet needs a follow up vaccination by the level of antibodies and immunity your pet has to a particular disease. An entire section on vaccinations, side effects and alternatives will help answer many questions in this comprehensive book.

Whether you are looking to prolong the life of your pet due to chronic illness or ailments, or you are simply looking to improve the life of your pet through nutrition and prevention this book will get you on your way. This comprehensive guide offers hundreds of pages of useful information to help with the most basic ailment to the most extreme illness. This book is not meant to replace any medical care your pet may require, but will most definitely compliment it.

The Goldsteins’ Wellness & Longevity Program, Natural Care for Dogs and Cats can be found at local bookstores, the Earth Animal flagship store in Westport, www.earthanimal.com and www.amazon.com.

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