How to Teach a Dog or Cat to Be Gentle With Babies?

When the Newborn Makes Five… Or More

If you are expecting a child, it is important not to forget about your first child, whether it be a cat or a dog. Too frequently, we hear about the family cat or dog (or both) taking a back seat to the new arrival, or even being cast off as being too much work, too curious, or displaying unacceptable behavior. This is an unfortunate trend that should be avoided.

How would you react if all of a sudden this strange-smelling creature that squawked and made a lot of noise entered the world that you thought was safe and secure?

Your pet will be able to sense the excitement in the air long before the new arrival arrives. A space that was formerly used as a den has been converted into a nursery and is now stocked with all kinds of fresh items, including furniture, clothing, toys, and blankets. The space in which she curled up to sleep is getting more constrained. The main focus is on the upcoming major event, and much less attention is being paid to the woman.

Beginning well in advance of the birth of your child, a small amount of preparation can go a long way toward creating an environment that is compatible for both your existing pet and your new child.

The following tips can be helpful whether you have a cat or dog (or both):

Before the baby is born, it is important to have your regular checkup so that you can head off any potential physical problems.

l Ensure that your pet does not have fleas, not only as part of your regular routine but also to prevent fleas from biting the baby and lurking around the nursery. This will prevent fleas from biting the baby and will also prevent fleas from lurking around the nursery.

l If you want to prevent your cat or dog from accidentally scratching you should get them used to having their claws clipped.

l To acclimate your pet to the sound of a baby crying and cooing, play a recording of a baby crying and cooing.

l Make sure that your cat or dog has a private space, such as a crate or a corner of the house, where they can go to relax and feel safe (especially once the infant starts crawling).

Don’t close the door in their face. It is possible that excluding your pets from the preparations and denying them access to you and the baby’s surroundings will result in behavior problems such as inappropriate elimination and play aggression. Give them permission to look around the nursery; after all, you and the baby will be there quite a bit. Talk to them about what is going on and make sure to use their names and the name of the baby quite a bit. They will understand more than you think they will.

l Let them smell the clothing and linens so that they can get used to the new smells. It is also helpful to bring home an article of clothing from the hospital before the baby comes home so that they can get used to the smell of the baby.

When the newborn arrives at your house, you should not prevent your other animals from interacting with him or her and should instead ensure that proper introductions are made. Animals are naturally inquisitive, and the greater their level of familiarity with a new species, the less likely it is that they will perceive it as a threat.

For cats-only households, keep in mind the following:

l If you are pregnant, you should ask your partner to take care of changing the litter box for the cat. Toxoplasmosis is a parasite that can be transmitted through cat feces; this is especially true if your cat likes to hunt and spends time outside. If you have to clean the litter box, make sure to protect your hands with gloves and a mask.
l It should come as no surprise that the belief that cats can steal the breath of infants is just an old wives’ tale. Even though there are accounts of cats and babies cosleeping peacefully and soundly, this is a practice that should be discouraged, at least in the beginning, due to the fact that the cat is significantly bigger than the baby. In the long run, it might make their relationship even stronger.

For households with dogs, keep these tips in mind:

l It is your responsibility to teach your dog the fundamental commands of obedience, and to deal with any behavioral issues that may arise, such as rough play or biting. Think about taking a training course to brush up on your skills before the baby is born.

l Always follow the same pattern. Your dog’s anxiety may be alleviated if he is made aware that he will be taken for a walk at a specific time each day.

Once the infant is able to move around on their own, the situation completely changes. Your dog, on the other hand, may view the baby as prey or react defensively if it is teased, whereas your cat may be nimble enough to escape the grasp of a toddler and will only scratch if it is cornered. Even the most placid of pets can be startled by toddlers because of how quickly they move.

The most important thing is to make sure that there is constant supervision, and it’s never too early to start teaching a child the fundamentals of how to behave around pets. The relationship that develops between a child and his or her pet has the potential to be a beautiful thing (and research shows that children who grow up with pets have a lower risk of developing allergies), but the child must be taught to behave respectfully from an early age.

Taking care of an infant is a demanding and time-consuming job, but you should make an effort to give your pet some undivided attention in a calm setting when the infant is not present. Both of you might find that it’s a calming experience. You made a commitment to the care of your cat or dog when you adopted him or her, just as you are making a commitment to the care of a child now.

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