Horse Care Courses By Post University In Waterbury

Post University in Waterbury: offers horse care courses

Waterbury, CT – After completing the first-ever series of six courses in Equine Husbandry, these very successful classes are starting soon at Post University through the Equine Department. Several enthusiastic horse owners have completed the full series over the past year and a half and will be awarded their certificates later this month. Quotes from attendees “A series of courses no existing or new horseperson should miss – well worth the time and money” and “as a horse owner, I still managed to learn new things with every class – great information”

For horse lovers and owners who wish to get more knowledge on correct horse care but do not have time or wish to take a full 4-year college course, this is the answer. These courses can be taken in any order and are open to anyone interested – no pre-requisites are required. They will run for eight weeks, three hours per week in the evening, and can earn CEU credits or be for personal enrichment. The first course in the series of six – Basic Horse Care.

It is often easy to find someone to teach you riding, but much harder to acquire the necessary knowledge to keep a horse healthy and happy. These courses cover the necessary information horse owners require. Basic Horse Care will cover such topics as Feeding and Nutrition, Exercise and Conditioning, Evaluating Hay, Stable Routine, Parasites, Vaccination Protocols, and Safety Procedures. Following this course will be five others which all run for 8 weeks, one evening per week – Stable Management I & II, Equine Anatomy, Equine Health, and Horse Ownership.

To earn CEU (Continuing Education Units) credits the cost is $500 but, if no credit is required, the cost is $350. To register or for more information, call the Equine Management Department at Post University – (203) 596-4631 – or e-mail [email protected] or [email protected]

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