20 Horse Behaviors & Facts You Didn’t Know (For Kids 2022)

The oldest horse recorded was Old Billy. Foaled in 1760, he died on November 27, 1822, having reached the incredible age of 62.

The Australian jockey, Damion Beckett, and the horse he was riding, Brave Buck, were tragically killed when they were struck by lightning during a race at Perth racetrack in Australia.

A “drugstore cowboy” is someone who dresses up as a cowboy but has no ranch experience and has never worked with horses or cattle.

The International Museum of the Horse at Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, USA, is the largest and most comprehensive horse museum in the world.

A ‘sprinter’ is a horse that can gallop extremely fast over a short distance and a ‘stayer’ is a horse that can cover a much longer distance but at a slower pace.

The longest jump over water ever recorded was 27ft 6in and was made by ‘Something,’ ridden by Andre Ferreira in Johannesburg, South Africa on April 25, 1975.

A horse shoeing forge can heat metal to over 2,500 degrees.

Horses should have their teeth checked twice a year by a horse dentist or a veterinarian, who will rasp the teeth to ensure there are no sharp edges, and also check for loose or infected teeth.

Mr. Ed, the talking equine star of the 1960’s television show, was a golden palomino. He learned an enormous amount of tricks for his role, including answering the telephone, opening doors, writing notes with a pencil and unplugging a light. Apparently, Mr. Ed would occasionally have a fit of temper and would stand still, wheezing and refusing to move.

In the state of Arizona it is illegal to walk through a hotel lobby wearing spurs.

The Romans are thought to have invent- ed the first horseshoe. They were very differ- ent from the horseshoe of today. They didn’t nail on, but were attached with leather thongs making them easily removable.

The fastest horse recorded was Big Racket, who reached an amazing 43.26 mph in a quarter-of-a-mile race in Mexico City on February 5, 1945

Among the Native American Indians the horse represents love, devotion and loyalty and also symbolizes stamina, strength and power. Artwork often show Shaman riding on a magical horse.

Horses will generally begin to grow their winter coats from September, when the hair thickens and becomes coarser and dull.

The small intestine of a horse is about 76 feet long.

Hemlock, deadly nightshade, ragwort and yew, are just a few of the many extremely poisonous plants that should never be seen in any pasture in which horses are grazing.

Young horses respond to gentle, quiet treatment but will scare easily at sudden loud noises.

Many horse diets can be deficient in salt, so it is a good idea to either feed salt as a supplement or to provide a salt and mineral block that the horse can access.

The Morgan horse is possibly one of the most important American breeds of horse having influenced many other breeds such as the Tennessee Walker, Standardbred and the Saddlebred.

Steeplechasing got it’s name from cross country races being held from one church to the next, with the horses jumping any obstacles encountered in between.

The I.A.E.S. is the Institute for Ancient Equestrian Studies, which was created in 1994 to investigate the origins, development, and domestication of the horse down through the ages.


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