Hawthorn Berries for Pets: Best Natural Remedies for Dog Heart

You should give some thought to using hawthorn or crataegus douglass as a herb for your pet. It is a small tree or shrub that loses its leaves in the fall and can be identified by the noxious, curved thorns that grow from the stems at lengths ranging from one to three inches. The leaves of the hawthorn have a shape that resembles a fan. It produces flat clusters of white flowers when it flowers, and when it hasn’t fully bloomed, it has a distinct odor that’s been described as “dead.” At the end of the growing season, the flowers are succeeded by red or black berries that are filled with seeds. There are hundreds of different species of this plant, and you can discover them all across the continent of North America, including in Alaska and British Columbia.

This herb’s reputation as a tonic for the heart and vascular system dates back many years in the field of health care. The efficacy of hawthorn in treating heart conditions has been demonstrated by a substantial amount of research in recent years.

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The use of hawthorn is beneficial in a variety of different ways. Because it causes the coronary and brain vessels to dilate, it improves circulation, which in turn results in increased oxygen transportation and enhanced nutrient delivery. As a result of increasing cardiac output and decreasing resistance in the heart, hawthorn basically normalizes the pressure that is built up in the body, which in turn helps to push blood flow through the body.

In addition, hawthorn helps to control and improve the strength of the heartbeat. In point of fact, it is sometimes considered an alternative to the drug known as “Digitalis,” which is a drug that regulates the rate and strength of the heartbeat. Additionally, it has the potential to serve a purpose while such drugs are being administered. In addition to that, it has a high level of antioxidant properties. A significant amount of this can be attributed to the flavonoids that are found in the berry. The red pigments that are characteristic of flavonoids can be found in a variety of fruits and berries.

In the circulatory system, hawthorn seeks out and destroys free-radical molecules. These molecules are notorious for depriving the blood of oxygen, which can result in a variety of vascular diseases. In a study that was carried out on laboratory rats, it was discovered that the flavonoid components of hawthorn were able to aid in the prevention of myocardial damage in situations where the heart was subjected to physiological stress. This indicates that even healthy animals such as working dogs and racehorses, and on the other end of the spectrum, pet animals such as cats, horses, and birds, who may suffer from heart conditions such as congestive heart failure, heartworm, or bacterial or viral infections, can benefit from this potent herb. Some of the conditions that this herb can treat include: congestive heart failure, heartworm, and bacterial or viral infections.

Because of its potent medicinal properties, you shouldn’t forget about including this berry in your collection of medicinal herbs.

Before using this herb or supplement, it is important to discuss it with your trusted veterinary professional.

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