Dog Park in Wethersfield Approved by Town

By Tamara Sevigny

Wethersfield’s Town Council and planning and zoning committees have approved the proposal for a dog park at Mill Woods Park. The residents who gathered together to propose the idea were thrilled to find out that the plans were accepted in November. Now they face the challenge of raising the estimated $30,000 needed to complete the park.

The supporters are putting a lot of time and effort into planning the park. They gather together monthly to plan and organize fund raisers. They have already completed a successful bake sale and collected donated funds from dog owners in the city. They plan on several more fundraisers before the opening of the park in late summer or early fall.

The spacious area chosen to allow unleashed supervised dogs out to play is in the west end of Mill Woods Park, which will be complete with picnic benches, fences and other amenities to encourage socialization and exercise. Those who live in apartments, elderly or handicapped who can’t walk their dogs will now be able to bring them to the park for much needed exercise.

The dog park will have specific rules to ensure safety and cleanliness. Dogs will be required to have proper registration and proper shots in order to use the dog park area. No puppies, aggressive dogs or females in heat will be allowed. While dogs could run free inside the fenced-in area, owners will still be required to have a leash with them for entering and leaving the fenced area. Owners will be responsible to clean up after their dogs and would be legally responsible for any damage to property or any bodily injury their dog might cause.

To learn more and help with fund raising call Cathy at 860-529-7732 or Renee at 860529-6681.

 A Big Thank You from the WetherSfield Dog Park Council

The Wethersfield Dog Park Council would like to sincerely thank everyone who contributed his or her effort, time, baked goods and generous dollars at our first fund raising event.  It was a huge success!!  We met many wonderful people and dogs that came out in support of the Wethersfield Dog Park.  A special thank you to Jason Humphries, the owner of Pets Supplies Plus; 1773 Berlin Turnpike, Wethersfield and Linda Roy, the manager, and their employees who allowed us to set up our event in their store.

Again, thank you all for helping us to get closer to our goal of raising 100% of the funds to pay for the park.  For more information on the Wethersfield Dog Park, call 860-529-6681 or email [email protected]

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