Ct’s First Pet Resource Center and Sanctuary for Pets

Pet resource center and domestic animal sanctuary to be built on 43 acres of donated land in Ashford, according to an announcement made by the organization Our Companions Domestic Animal Sanctuary regarding the start of the first phase of construction. Damon Scott, who can be heard on 96.5 WTIC-FM, was the hilarious host of the event, which took place in Ashford. An actual canine construction crew, along with a group of dedicated volunteers and donors, were featured in the announcement.

During the event, Susan Linker, who is the CEO and Co-founder of the company, announced details about the project, including the unveiling of architectural renderings and a site plan. A brief presentation was given by the Honorable Congressman Rob Simmons, along with Representative Diana Urban and Representative Pam Sawyer. To put the icing on the cake, a top-secret celebrity spokes-cat, who turned out to be Scot Haney from WFSB, led the crowd in a delicious toast of dog drool soda while they chanted “Cats rule! Dogs drool!”

Our Companions kicked off a capital campaign titled Home for Good – A Place for Our Companions in January of 2006. The campaign is set to last for ten years. With the help of this campaign, New England will get its very first large-scale pet resource center as well as a sanctuary for domestic animals.

As a result of the generous contributions made to the Groundbreaking Campaign, the first phase of construction will get underway in September. This phase will last for two years and cost two million dollars. During this phase, the largest buildings in the Town of Ashford will be demolished. These buildings are factory-style chicken coops that date back to the land’s previous use as an industrial egg farm.

Following the completion of the demolition work, the construction of the outdoor recreation center will begin. This will include a nature preserve, an area for bird watching, a dog park, reflection gardens, interpretive hiking trails, and pond-side picnicking. In addition, the building of a Pet Resource Center is a component of Phase One of this project. This multi-use facility will offer life-saving services including low-cost dog training and behavioral modification programs, high-volume free sterilization for feral cats, and an education center that can seat up to 500 people. These services will be offered in addition to an education center that can seat up to 500 people. In addition, regular events, such as Adopt-a-Thons and other community education programs, will take place at the Resource Center on a schedule that will be established in advance.

Gail Perkins, a member of the Board of Directors of Our Companions and a donor to the Capital Campaign, says that the mission of the organization is to “create a destination for pets and animal lovers.” “Sanctuaries attract people who want to become involved in animal welfare but find the high-stress environment of traditional shelters too depressing. This is because sanctuaries save animals, but they also attract people who want to save animals.” The sanctuary will be a stunning location that will bring together animal lovers and facilitate the rescue of a large number of animals.

“As a proud pet parent of four beautiful dogs, I am so happy to see animal welfare improving in Connecticut,” added Congressman Rob Simmons. This project will undoubtedly result in a wonderful resource for both people and animals; furthermore, the lovely northeastern corner is an ideal location for carrying out such an endeavor.

The animal housing components will be included in Phases Two and Three of the project. Homeless pets that are at risk of being destroyed will be transferred to the sanctuary during these phases so that they can be rehabilitated and adopted. A charming New England-style village will serve as the inspiration for the design of the housing at the sanctuary. For every animal species, there will be a number of miniature homes crafted especially to meet their requirements. This method of housing animals is very different from conventional animal shelters that are based on cages in that it provides an environment that is cage-free, comfortable, and suitable for long-term care.

“The sanctuary is just one part of our comprehensive plan to end the unnecessary euthanasia of pets in Connecticut,” says Linker. “Our goal is to eliminate all forms of animal euthanasia in the state.” “We acknowledge that there is not a single organization in our state that is capable of resolving all of the issues that affect pets. Our Companions is committed to working with other animal welfare organizations, not only to assist in the rescue effort, but also to lead a collaborative statewide campaign to target the root causes of pet homelessness. This is why Our Companions is committed to working with other animal welfare organizations.

Our Companions is a charitable organization that is at the forefront of the fight to put an end to the practice of euthanizing healthy animals in animal shelters. Visit www.ourcompanions.org for further details or to make a contribution, or call 860-242-9999 to make the appropriate arrangements.

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