Critter Comforts: A Shopping List for New Pet Owners

So you’re going to bring a new little animal, or maybe even two, back with you to your house? Wonderful, and many, many congratulations and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness with your new animal companion!

Have you thought about what you ought to take with your new friend when you go back to your house? No? Then take a look at our beginner’s list to get the 4-1-1 on what you require, regardless of whether you plan on bringing home a rabbit, a guinea pig, a hamster, or some other type of pet. 


• Cages should have solid, not wire, bottoms.

• They need to be big enough to accommodate the number of animals that will be living in them, providing ample space for the animals to move around, eat, sleep, and play without having to worry about running into each other. Find out how much space is needed for one, two, or even more animals by consulting the most reputable online information sources, particularly those that are devoted to information about rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. Many of the cages that can be found easily in pet stores for these species are too small to accommodate them properly.

• It is never acceptable to keep them in aquariums or large plastic storage tubs; the environment must have adequate ventilation.

• Cages for the smallest animals (such as hamsters, gerbils, mice, and so on) should have the capability of being easily expanded using accessories and attachments.

• The doors and openings of the cage must be big enough to fit two adult hands through them when they are working with an animal. There are a lot of “side doors” that are not big enough to fit a guinea pig, rabbit, ferret, or chinchilla without the risk of injuring their legs or feet. Look for cages that have large side doors (that have secure fasteners!) or tops that lift up in order to house larger animals.


• When shopping for bedding, look for options that are absorbent and control odors.

• You should look for bedding that is both healthy for the animals and affordable for your budget; the more pets you have, the more frequently you will need to clean their cage.

• Does your family have anyone who is allergic to pollen or dust? Consider purchasing pet bedding made from recycled paper or products such as CareFresh Pet Bedding or Kaytee Total Comfort.

• Bedding made of cedar should never be used for any kind of small animal. The aroma of cedar is too potent to be contained in confined spaces and can lead to respiratory issues in small animals.


• Hide-houses satisfy the natural urges of animals to burrow, hide, and nest within their structures. There are dozens of different types of hide-houses, such as igloos, log houses, and tents, and they can be made out of a wide variety of materials, including plastic, wood, grass, and fabric.

Food dish / bin

• Food dish or bin Since meal and snack times are social occasions, you should purchase dishes or bins that are sufficiently large to accommodate all of the animals eating at the same time.

• Invest in dinnerware that is both simple to clean (using only hot water) and difficult to knock over.

Water bottle / bottle guard

• The water bottle and its guard must have a capacity that is adequate for the number of animals. The bottle must be at least 8 ounces in capacity in order to house a single guinea pig, rabbit, chinchilla, or ferret.

• The bail wires that are included with the bottles are not as secure as the bottle guards that can be purchased separately.

Food / hay

• Invest in food that is designed specifically for your species. It’s fine to give your pet food pellets with colorful add-ins on occasion (as long as they’ll eat them), but giving them these products on a regular basis is like adding Captain Crunch to your bowl of high-fiber cereal in the morning.

• Other animals, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, also need hay to eat. Timothy hay is best for rabbits, while alfalfa hay is best for guinea pigs. Look for hay that is green in color rather than dusty, yellow, or brown in hue.

Strongly Recommended

Funnels / Chubes / Tunnels

• Playtime should have more variety, and there should be opportunities to tunnel and hide. An inexpensive alternative is PVC pipe, which can be purchased at most hardware stores. The same can be said for oatmeal containers (with paper labels and plastic rings removed).

Snuggle Snacks / Cuddle Cups

• May be utilized for napping in play areas as well as during lap time with human companions.

Toys / Chew Sticks

• Chew sticks not only satiate your natural urge to chew, but they also help your teeth maintain their normal length. Toys are what give playtime its spark. Finding the chew sticks and toys that will captivate and keep the interest of your critter will require some trial and error on your part.

Brushes & combs

• Invest in products that are tailored to your species. Required for critters with long hair or those that shed a lot of fur regularly.


Commercial treats

• These seed, fruit, nut, or vegetable-based snacks are very popular, and they are also an excellent choice for an occasional treat. However, they are comparable to Doritos in terms of the amount of calories and fat they contain while providing little in the way of nutritional benefit. A healthier option for a snack is one that contains fresh fruits and vegetables.

Kabob holders / Veggie holders

• You will be allowed to spear fruits, vegetables, and chew sticks. They remove items from the bottom of the cage and encourage the animals to stretch and reach for things, as opposed to lazily sitting there and eating.

Veggie Twisters / Salad Hoppers

• Assist in removing hay and vegetables from the bottom of the cage to encourage the animals’ natural foraging instincts. Even animals that were not captivated by the Kabob and Veggie holders can be interested in this toy because it is generally successful with rabbits and guinea pigs.

Cage cleaners

• The vast majority are up to the task at hand and do not emit a pungent odor. There are options that are less expensive for pet owners who are watching their spending, such as using baby shampoo and hot water or making homemade solutions of vinegar and water.

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