Communication With Animals: How to Talk to Your Pets?

Yes! The Ability to Communicate with Animals

By Donna Velardi

Since ancient times, humans have been able to communicate with animals, and the Native Americans had a particularly strong bond with their animal companions. They were revered for their greatness and held in the highest esteem. It was believed that many of the animals should be elevated to the status of gods and goddesses. A great number of the Native American communities still hold celebrations to this day in honor of their animal companions. We have no idea how many different ways there are for us to interact with animals on a daily basis. How often have we wished that our animal companion would do something, and to our amazement, they went ahead and did it? How often have we been upset, and our animal friends been there to console and comfort us? This occurs frequently, but we, as humans, are unable to comprehend the fact that they are attempting to communicate with us. According to the definition provided by Webster’s dictionary, communication is “the act of transmitting; an exchange of information or opinions.” This is something that we constantly do! During one of the worst migraines I’ve ever had, I was lying in bed when my cat jumped up on the bed, moved behind me, and began massaging the back of my head and the area around my neck with her paws. It was incredibly soothing. She was attempting to make me better!

The words we speak and the sounds we make with our voices are the primary modes of communication.

Our voices tend to be louder than normal when we are excited, particularly when we are happy about something that has just taken place. Because of this, our animal companion might become anxious because he or she might believe that you are mad at them. Because your typically raised voice is never heard from you at any other time, and the only time they do is when you are angry, The use of soft music is especially effective when dealing with aggressive animals because it calms them down. The animals appear to feel more at ease after hearing the gentle tones. It is important to keep in mind that if a treatment is successful for people, it is likely to be successful for the animals that share our lives. Body language is an additional means of verbal and nonverbal communication. For instance, when people are afraid of dogs, their normal reaction is to tense up, their body will become more rigid, and they will tell the dog “don’t come near me.” When the dog reads this, it will almost always want to go up to that person and reassure them that they won’t be hurt by him and that all he wants is to be their friend.

Telepathic communication is one of the most successful methods of communicating with different species of animals. We need to clear our minds, relax, visualize an activity or behavior, and then send this message to our animal companions if we want them to understand that we want to communicate with them. We picture in our heads the exact actions that we would like our companion to take. For instance, if you are having issues with your pet going to the bathroom inside the house and you want him to go outside, then you need to imagine him going outside. This will help you train him to do his business outside. You simply cannot bring a negative image to mind. You can’t picture him going inside and then drawing a big red line through it; instead, you need to picture him engaging in the exact kind of positive behavior you want to see from him. You can also tell him verbally what you want him to do because when you do that, you are actually visualizing the behavior as you say it. This gives you another option for communicating with him. It’s possible to have conversations with your pet if you put in the effort and keep an open mind.

We are able to establish rules that are reasonable, as well as limits for what constitutes unacceptable and acceptable behavior. Any misunderstanding that may have arisen between us and our animal companions can be resolved if we apply reason and work toward harmony. It is essential that we explain to our companions why it is necessary for us to have rules and boundaries. Animals have a distinct comprehension of the appropriate and inappropriate ways to behave, but from their point of view. It is necessary for us to explain the human viewpoint. In general, the animal companions we keep want to make us happy, but there are times when they feel the need to express themselves. For instance, I once had a cat that would not use her litter box because she felt that it was not clean enough. She believed that the litter box was dirty. Therefore, what she did was approach the litter box in order to demonstrate that she knew what to do but chose not to use it so that she could attract the attention of her caregiver, which she ultimately was successful in doing. Another example is a horse that was being ridden by someone, but the horse had the impression that the rider did not respect him. It was true, the rider had been rude to him, and as a result, the horse had thrown the rider off of him, which was something he had never done with any other rider in the past.

It is important to keep in mind that animals take in everything around them; I once noticed that when the evening news was on, a dog became more hostile and started barking more. After having a conversation with each other, we came to the conclusion that there had been a string of three murders and/or assaults that had taken place in rapid succession. When something like this occurs, you have a responsibility to reassure the animal that you are fine and that the area around it is secure. The newscaster was able to give this dog a visualization of the events that were taking place while he was reporting the news.

Since animals are more likely to respond positively to openness and authenticity, it is critical that you make it abundantly clear to them what it is that you anticipate from them and what you require of them. Animals, just like people, have a requirement for respect and a sense of purpose in their lives. Find out what your pet is best suited to do: keeping you happy, entertaining you, your family, and your friends, creating warmth, adding beauty, guarding property, getting you to exercise, keeping you calm, and giving you perspective; these are just some of the things that your companions can do for you. Other benefits include: You should let them know that they are doing a good job, give them a special treat, spend some alone time with them, and make sure that you tell them how much you appreciate the wonderful job that they are doing and that you are visualizing how much appreciation you have for them. This will inspire them to strive for the highest possible standards, and more importantly, it will keep them from becoming bored and depressed. Everyone, including animals, has a fundamental need and desire to both be praised and to be aware that their efforts are valued.

Animals have a high level of intuition; they can “feel” and pick up on things that humans have a hard time processing. They have very acute senses, so you should never try to hide your feelings from them because it won’t work. For instance, if you have had a stressful day, you might come home and act like nothing is wrong, and while the people who live with you might buy into the fact that you are fine, your pet probably won’t believe it. He or she will recognize that something is wrong and make an effort to reassure you. It will be beneficial to both of you if you give him permission to do so.

Many animals will take on your feelings as their own, which can lead to clinical depression or even a physical illness in the animal. There was once a cat that was diagnosed with kidney disease, and the person who cared for her at the time was experiencing issues with kidney stones. After the caretaker had her stones extracted, the cat was re-evaluated after a month, and the results showed that her kidney levels had returned to normal. Always keep in mind that your animal companion should be aware of everything that is going on in your life. Communicate with them, visualize what is taking place, and tell them how you really feel about the situation. In addition to that, inquire about their viewpoint on a decision that you will need to make. Although the response may appear to be childish, rest assured that it is serious. When you ask your companion a question, you might find yourself wondering how you can tell what response they are providing you with. If an idea suddenly occurs to you that is relevant to the question that was asked, then that is the response that your animal companion is trying to communicate to you. Don’t forget that they also send messages! They are very graphic in nature. You should reassure your pet, but you shouldn’t let them take responsibility for something they didn’t do. It is very important that you defend your pet if it is being accused of something by another person; this will let your pet know that you care about them.

Keep in mind that animals can experience a range of emotions, including love, sadness, anger, and pain. All you need to do is look into their eyes, pay attention to how they are moving their bodies, and receive the images that they are sending to us. Maintain open lines of communication with them and show them that you care by letting them know that they are your top priority and that you adore them. For the rest of your life, you will have a companion who is devoted to you, loyal to you, and loving to you.

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