Check List For Pet Safe Travel

  • ____ Your veterinarian’s contact information.
  • ____ Vaccination records.
  • ____ List of emergency vets in the area of your destination.
  • ____ Kennel or carrier.
  • ____ A sturdy leash.
  • ____ An extra collar.
  • ____ An old blanket or sheet for the back seat of your car or wherever the pet’s carrier will be secured to make cleanup easier.
  • ____ Two old sheets to cover bedding and furniture at your destination.
  • ____ Some of your pet’s bedding.
  • ____ Food. If you do not feed a brand you are certain will be available at your destination and along the way, bring enough for the whole trip. If you feed canned, bring a can opener and spoon.
  • ____ Two gallons of extra drinking water from home. When you are down to the last half gallon, begin mixing in equal parts with the water supply at your destination. If your pet is especially sensitive, use distilled water.
  • ____ Food & water bowl set.
  • ____ Portable water bowl or bottle for use when away from your lodging.
  • ____ Treats.
  • ____ Familiar toys or chew items.
  • ____ All required medications, supplements, and preventatives.
  • ____ Tweezers to remove foreign objects from fur or paws.
  • ____ Brush or comb.
  • ____ Lint and hair remover.
  • ____ Baby wipes or moist towelettes to wipe off paws.
  • ____ For cats, a full litter pan with extra litter, liners, and newspaper to place underneath for cats. Use the same litter as at home.
  • ____ Waste removal bags.
  • ____ Old towels, carpet cleaner, disinfectant spray, and trash bags for accidents.
  • ____ First aid kit.
  • ____ Flashlight for nighttime walks.

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