Canine Disc Competitions For Your Dogs This Summer (2022)

Summer fun should always include some outdoor activities with your dogs. Whether you play fetch with a tennis ball, take him or her swimming, or just a nice walk, getting outside time is vital to your dog’s health. Some dogs prefer lots of activity and others a small amount. Why not take your dog to watch a Disc Competition?  What is a disc, you may ask? Well, many years ago there was only one company recognized for this flying saucer and that was Frisbee. Nowadays there are discs and manufacturers for everyone’s abilities, styles, and preferences.

In recent years, canine disc competitions have been rapidly spreading throughout the country. There are now local, regional, and international competitions. This sport is not just for the home backyard disc thrower.  In fact, there has never been more variety than now.

There are even different sub-categories.

  • Freestyle is a loose form choreographed routine that is scored by judges who score based on skill level, variations, athletic skills of the dog and throwing skills of the owner. 
  • Distance/Accuracy, is a fast paced competition that the team attempts to score as many points by completing as many catches as possible within certain zones on a field in a specific amount of time.
  • There is also Time Trial competition where thrower and dog attempt to complete two 20-yard throws in a specific amount of time. The dog must successfully catch the disc at the end of the 20-yard line.

As the American family has grown, the average pet household has grown as well. Where competitors once only achieved titles with a single dog, more and more have multiple dogs that they are now competing with. With many of these competitors, it has become an obsession. There are many clubs, organizations, and good reasons to get together with other disc buddies.

If this sounds like something interesting to you, go check it out!

There is a CT-based club called Yankee Flyers. You can visit their website and some others I have listed here for you.


And if watching in person is more your style, check this out. There is a competition this month right here in CT!

On July 21st beginning at 9 am you can visit Irv Lander Memorial Canine Frisbee Championships in Norwich at Kelly Middle School Field, Mahan Drive. For further information, contact Ed Jakubowski at 860-861-3960  or [email protected]

By Lynn Whittaker
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