12 Best Tips on Locating Lost Pets

By Donna Velardi

When our pet goes missing or is lost, it causes us a great deal of anxiety. We are filled with dread and keep visualizing the worst-case scenarios that could have taken place or that are going to take place. If we follow these instructions, there is a good chance that we will be able to locate our animals and bring them home safely.

It is essential that we maintain an open and clear mind at all times; doing so will help you think more clearly and directly.

  • If your pet is missing, which means that they are aware of where they are and how to return home, as opposed to lost, which means that they don’t know where they are or are unable to return home, calling them in a panicked voice may not elicit a response from them because this is not the “voice” that they are accustomed to hearing from you. Therefore, it is important that you remain calm. Therefore, make an effort to keep your composure and call your pet using a voice that is considered to be “normal.”
  • Start your search right away; there is no time to waste. Your chances of quickly locating your lost pet will increase if you get a head start on the search as soon as possible.
  • You should immediately search your home, looking for cats in particular. Look under and behind items like washing machines, reclining chairs, and sofas, as well as behind the fabric on all of your furniture. In addition to that, check the drop down ceilings and any other tight spaces that might be suitable hiding places for small animals.
  • Walk around your neighborhood and drop off flyers featuring a photo of your pet along with relevant information. Place flyers in each and every mailbox. Flyers should be protected from the elements by being affixed to trees, telephone poles, and the like, and then placed inside a plastic covering. In addition, distribute them in offices and grocery stores. Post missing posters in a radius of at least one mile around the location where your pet went missing.
  • Talk to as many people as you can; having direct interaction with others yields the best results, as people are more likely to respond positively and offer assistance when they do so face-to-face.
  • When you go looking for something, make sure to bring a strong flashlight with you so that you can look in places that are dark.
  • It has been the experience of some people that when a phone call is made accurate information is not always given, which is why a personal visit is better. Place an ad in all of the local newspapers to get the information out to as many people as possible. Call all of the local animal shelters and visit them to see if your pet was brought there.
  • Place an ad in all local newspapers – get the information out to as many people as possible.
  • Do not be afraid to seek the advice of an animal communicator; in some cases, they are able to provide specific information regarding the location of lost pets. Inquire about the costs involved, and don’t let yourself be taken advantage of. The price should not be significantly higher than their standard hourly rate, and it should include follow-up calls made by you to the client.
  • Do not give up hope; even if it has been a week or two since you last looked for your pet, you should not give up. It is possible that you won’t see your pet again for several weeks or even months in some cases. Have you ever pondered the origin of all of the animals that end up in shelters? Some of them are abandoned pets whose owners gave up looking for them.
  • If you are connected and bonded with your pet, you should follow what you feel rather than going against your intuition. You are going to be astounded by what you discover.
  • Be careful not to let con artists take advantage of you; unfortunately, there are people in the world who seek out those who are weak and vulnerable. They will tell you what to write on a flyer and where you should post it if you pay them a significant amount of money, but this service comes at a cost. If you decide to get in touch with a pet detective or an animal communicator, you should make sure that they are trustworthy individuals, inquire about their success rate, and request references. Additionally, their price needs to be affordable.

Include the following information in your flyer:

  • Recent photograph of your animal companion.
  • Pet’s name
  • Your given name and number can be found here (a cell phone is best as it protects your privacy and you can always carry it with you)
  • Provide a description of your animal, including any peculiar markings it may have.

The website www.catsinthebag.org is an excellent resource for finding lost cats. They provide a wealth of information regarding the state of mind of a cat when it is lost. They discuss how the minds of an indoor cat and an outdoor cat are fundamentally distinct from one another. This website provides a wealth of information on the process of locating lost pets.

You can reach Donna Velardi at 203-387-9738 (ZPET) or via email at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding pets that have gone missing or have been found.

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