Best Tips on Finding Your French Bulldog

Have you decided to buy a Bully puppy? It is important that you acquire the puppy between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks. This article is intended to help you find the right breeder for you so that you don’t end up with a dubious dog dealer.

How To Find a French Bulldog Breeder?

You can get breeder addresses in Germany, for example, from the VDH and, in the case of the French bulldog, from the IKFB. However, you can also contact breeders directly at dog shows.

I can only advise against advertising in daily newspapers. A reputable breeder will under no circumstances offer their dogs there. In bullying circles, something like this is almost frowned upon!

If you want to spend a long span of your life with a happy and healthy dog, then never buy your new companion on a whim and never out of pity. (This applies to every animal in general!)

How to Recognise a Good Dog Breeder?

Once you have found a breeder and they have arranged a meeting with you, they will be watching you very closely without you noticing. He will ask you questions; Where and what you work for, where you live, what your interests are and what hobbies you pursue. He wants to gain trust in you, just as you need to gain trust in him. Mutual trust is very important. A reputable breeder will not sell you a dog if they cannot establish trust. First and foremost, he wants to entrust you with something and not sell it.

A good breeder does not breed for a living to earn, but out of idealism. He has in-depth knowledge of the behavior and genetics of his animals. He also doesn’t keep too many dogs and doesn’t breed more than one or two breeds.

When the right relationship is established between you and the breeder, he will show you his puppies. Pay attention to where the whelping box or puppy room is located. With a good breeder, the puppy room is always in his house, and the whelping box is even in the bedroom next to the bed. So he always has litter and bitch under control. If someone has their litter in a kennel that is far from home, then you should be skeptical.

If the breeder has many years of experience in raising dogs, then he will help you with words and deeds when choosing the right puppy for you. He will find the right dog for you. But no breeder will want to “twist” a dog for you. If you have this feeling, then keep your hands off the purchase!

How to Choose a French Bulldog?

When the puppy is around 8 weeks old, it already represents a bit of its future appearance and character. Let your feelings run free; hug everyone! In the game, you can see which ones are dominant, which ones are skittish, which ones are withdrawn and which ones are open and friendly towards you. Feel free to touch the little rascal. Observe the mother dog, the more relaxed the whole thing is, the more certain you can be that the puppies are well socialized.

If the dogs are taken out of a kennel and you don’t seem like they have much human contact, then stay away. Only a well-socialized dog can settle into a human family with a child.

If the mother bitch is not present when the puppies are examined, you should definitely have her shown to you together with the breeder’s other dogs before you make a firm decision. If a breeder refuses – regardless of the reason – go home immediately! Something is wrong then. A breeder has nothing to hide. He will proudly show you his other animals and his housing.

Check the general condition and coat of the kept animals. Watch his dogs. Are they anxious, hysterical or aggressive? With a calm and even-tempered breeder, you will most likely find calm and even-tempered dogs.

How healthy is the dog you have chosen? Assume that the breeder has really considered and bred with healthy parents. You can’t look inside the animal anyway. Familiarize yourself with the ailments of a particular breed (in our case, the French Bulldog) beforehand. If you play a little with the mother dog, if she gets out of breath too quickly, you can almost certainly expect the same from her pups. Look at the mother dog’s joints! If they are straight and toned, the puppies will eventually have healthy, strong legs and joints. Look at the fur! Even if the birth and raising of the puppies are exhausting for the mother’s organism, her fur should still be soft and velvety and not dull and brittle. This is very important, especially with checks. Look her and the puppies in the eye. A clear, unclouded look, no running eyes, no wrinkles that prevent tears from flowing or that lie too much over the nose, this is what a healthy bully should look like.

The mother dog passes on all the positive things she has in herself with her mother’s milk.

For example, if you have decided on a male dog, then pay attention to his testicles. Dogs with testicular defects are banned from being shown and bred. It is then worth at most 2/3 to half of the price. For more details and examples, check out this checklist for French Bulldog purchasers.

Dog Breeder Contract and Process

If you value a written purchase contract, then there will be no ambiguity on either side later. A deposit is also common. This can be up to half of the purchase price. The remainder is due upon collection.

Finally, an animal is a thing according to the law. And for one thing, a seller has to give a 6-month guarantee from the date of purchase. This concerns hidden defects.

Tips on buying a puppy, choosing the right puppy and finding the right breeder can be found in almost every dog ​​book. Unfortunately, there is hardly any German-language literature on the French bulldog. The attitude and upbringing of puppies too young dogs are the same for all breeds. If you have no experience, you will also find everything important in general dog books. Your breeder will be happy to answer any questions that relate specifically to your dog’s breed.

Something else on my own behalf. If you’re considering getting a puppy, don’t choose him based solely on his looks. The spark has to fly – It has to be love at first sight. It doesn’t matter if your dog has a few small deviations from the standard as long as it’s healthy. Your dog gets nothing from a winner’s trophy at dog shows, it only satisfies your ego.

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