Best Small Pets For Cuddling: Raising A Healthy & Happy Animal

From the Vice President of Hop-A-Long Hollow, Brandee LaCava

There are a lot of factors to think about whenever you are debating whether or not to go out and get a pet for your home. If you’re looking for a pet, do you want it for yourself, or will it belong to a child?

We do our best to make people aware of the fact that, regardless of how responsible their child may be, they are the one who will ultimately be in charge of the life of the animal that is brought into the home. A lot of the time, people bring home a hamster that ends up biting their child. Because of this, the child never wants to go near the hamster again, and the hamster ends up being uncared for or homeless as a result.

If you are considering giving a pet to a family member or friend as a present, you should first consider whether or not the adult members of that person’s family are comfortable with the responsibility of taking care of the animal. Visit the local animal shelters instead of getting a pet if you aren’t ready to take on the responsibility of constantly cleaning its enclosure if you want to spend time with animals. There are many animal shelters, including The Hop-A-Long Hollow, that welcome guests and give them the opportunity to interact with the animals housed there. If you find that you do not have the time to do this, then perhaps you should think about the amount of time that is required to properly care for a pet.

Abandoning animals is an all too common practice. The term “neglect” refers to a wide range of behaviors, some of which include not cleaning the cage the required number of times based on the size of the animal that resides there or failing to receive education on the appropriate bedding and supplies (including the appropriate size cage) that the animal in question requires. The hazards that can be posed by cedar or pine shavings are one topic that is rarely addressed in pet stores. The majority of pet stores that I visit do not have any of their own animals living on these beddings, despite the fact that they still sell them. These particular beddings have the potential to bring about the animal’s death while they are under anesthesia, and this is a concern in the case of animals like rabbits that should be spayed or neutered for health and hormonal reasons. You can conduct research on it by going to Google and typing in “Pine Cedar Toxic.” There are many resources available online.

Will the animal you decide to keep have enough space to live in, as well as the opportunity to get the necessary amount of exercise? When I went into a local pet store, I was astounded to discover that they kept a chinchilla in a fish tank that was only 10 gallons in capacity. Chinchillas require spacious cages with plenty of room to run and jump around in. Simply providing for some of our pets’ requirements will go a long way toward extending their lifespans. A chinchilla that spends its entire day confined in a cage is not going to live as long or as happily as a chinchilla that is let out periodically, is greeted by its humans, and is allowed to run around with them.

When you go into a store to buy a pet, you should make sure that the cages and other areas where the animals are kept are clean. Check to see if the animals’ bedding is wet or dry to determine how they are being housed. It’s highly likely that animals who live on wet bedding are also living in their own urine, which can lead to respiratory infections in humans. Do you see any gnats or flies around here? Are there any dirty serving utensils or bottles of water? Is there any kind of splatter, for example, urine or feces, on the glass of their cages? You put yourself at a greater risk of having a pet whose life is cut short or an animal that is ill if any of these things are not in their proper place.

Examine the condition of the animal’s fur (or scales, as the case may be). Do the animal’s eyes appear clear, and is there no discharge coming from either the nose or the eyes? Are the teeth disproportionately large, assuming you can see them at all? The animals’ well-being depends on your careful attention to these relatively minor details. Do you have a plan in place for getting emergency care or regular checkups from a veterinarian who specializes in treating small animals? A walk-in visit for a small animal typically costs $60, but this price does not include the cost of any medications. If your pet gets sick, do you think you’d be willing to pay this amount? If not, you should probably rethink getting a pet. is just one of thousands of websites that provide proper care information as well as animals that are available for adoption. For every animal that is available for purchase at a pet store, there are thousands of other websites. Local breed-specific rescues spend a lot of time with the animals in their care, so they are able to provide you with more information about the animals and match you with the one that has the personality that is most compatible with yours. Carrying out research on reputable animal websites via the internet is your best option for ensuring that your pet will live a long and healthy life. One of the most important things a pet owner can do is educate themselves.

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