Best Luxury Designer Dog Beds for Your Beloved Pets

Creature Comforts: Your pets can sleep in a style that is coordinated with the aesthetic of your home.

Some people have such a strong bond with their animals that they view them in the same light as their own children or as an integral member of the family. In point of fact, we frequently come across reports indicating that there are married couples who eventually end up divorcing and who are now embroiled in contentious custody battles over their cherished animals. Who could possibly blame them? Pets have a special way of winning hearts.

There are a lot of things you need to think about before getting your first pet if you are serious about doing so for the first time. Your first question should be about the species of the animal you will be getting. The majority of the time, people agree that dogs are the best type of pet to own. I have no doubt that you are familiar with the proverb that asserts “dogs are a man’s best friend.”

In addition to this, they are exceptionally obedient to their human masters and can be trained with relative ease. Additionally, you would need to give some thought to the breed of the dog that you intend to get. Do you want toy dogs or big dogs? Why not get a large dog whose size would make anyone feel uncomfortable? There are numerous large dogs that give off the impression of being vicious, but many of them are actually quite playful, especially with their owners.

In addition to that, there are other things, such as dog food, vitamins, and veterinarians, that you need to think about. Additionally, don’t forget to bring the dog beds. In the same way that they need to know that their masters love and cherish them, the dogs in your care absolutely require the highest possible level of comfort. Aside from that, if they have their own bed, they won’t have to sit or sleep on your furniture, which means that there won’t be any dog hairs on your furniture. You have your choice between the following different kinds of beds for your pet:

  • Memory Foam
  • Cedar Filled
  • Heated
  • Bolster
  • Cushion Style
  • Nest-like and Cave
  • Round

There are even orthopedic beds available for dogs that have issues with their backs, in addition to dog beds that have been designed specifically for large dogs.

When compared to some of the luxurious pet beds that are currently available on the market, even the pinnacle of opulence may appear to be a bit shabby in comparison. The days are long gone when it was sufficient to simply stuff a blanket into a box and tell a pet to “sleep tight.” Now, spoiled pooches and treasured kitties have the opportunity to retire to stylish sleeping quarters that would make Martha Stewart beam with pride. These days, pet beds are considered a true fashion statement for the home.

Joyce Reavey of Exton, Pennsylvania, the designer behind the Pawsitively Posh line of pet beds and accessories, said that people want one-of-a-kind designs that show off their personal sense of style. “Why spend money on nice furniture and custom drapes when you can put a cheap-looking dog bed in the home?” is a reasonable question to ask.

The owner of the Lulu Jane line of canine clothing and accessories, Kristine Lauritzen Fellows of Orville, Ohio, noted that the popularity of luxury beds not only involves a pet’s space in the home but also its place in the household.

She went on to explain that “Pets are members of the family.”

It only takes one glance at these beds to determine which of the children’s beds is the parents’ top pick.


When little Daisy wore this pastel blossom on the reality show “Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica” broadcast on MTV, it caused quite a stir in the internet community. The Posh Puppy Flower Bed with Bee Friend toy can be purchased online at It has a circumference of 27 1/2 inches, and its suggested retail price ranges from $60 to $75.


Divans with dimensions of 25 inches wide by 17 inches deep are perfect for accommodating even the tiniest of pets in chic comfort. The Teacup Collection sofas are available in black with boa trim and Baby Paws print, which is a blue and pink polka dot faux fur and have a price tag of approximately $350. You can purchase them through the website located at Please visit for any further inquiries.


Pawsitively Posh is the company that is responsible for a bed that is simply adorable and comes in either pink or white “fur.” You can purchase the Slipper Bed with Crinkle Newspaper Toy, which measures 27 inches by 17 inches and ranges in price from $120 to $145 at the website


Lulu’s Garden Retreat Bed costs approximately $310 and allows you to discover the prince or princess hiding in each and every small pet blossom. The wrought-iron bed that is 32 inches wide has four posts that are braided and curve upward. The finishing touch is a finial that is shaped like a “crystal.” Pick one of these four different patterns (slipcovers are also available). You can place an order for Lulu Jane products on their website at


The bed, which was designed by Pawsitively Posh and is inspired by the style of a Faberge egg, makes it clear who really is the master of the household. The bed measures 23 and a half inches by 17 and a half inches, and it includes a squeaky crown toy. The Fab Imperial Bed can be purchased online at for approximately $350.


This is where posh cats come to get their beauty rest, so you should do the same. The seating area of the Catnap Luxury Cat Bed measures in at 14 inches by 18 inches. The bed can support as much weight as 25 pounds, making it suitable for even the heaviest of tabbies. It costs $135.95 for a red or gold finish, with an additional $47 required for an Italian flower, elephants, or bees pattern. Place your order through the website located at


The Corner Bed, which ranges in price from $350 to $400 and is available in Manhattan Tan or Princess Pink, transforms from an elegant sitting area during the day into a comfortable sleeping spot at night. Luxurious materials such as Ultrasuede, faux vintage mink, and faux snakeskin are used in the construction of the Poochie pieces. You can purchase items from the Corner Bed Collection at a number of specialty pet stores as well as online at Please visit for any further inquiries.


Poochie of Beverly Hills is dedicated to bringing out the diva and the celebrity that resides in each and every cat and dog. Both the Celebrity and the Regal Chaise retail for approximately $350 and can be purchased at a variety of pet boutiques as well as on the website Please visit for any further inquiries.

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