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By Tamara Sevigny

Losing a pet can be very difficult. Often pet owners don’t think about what will become of their pet in the event of a loss. Many veterinarians will offer to cremate your pet and return the ashes to you. But often crematories don’t allow owners to be a part of the process.

Nicholas Cognetta discovered just that when his beloved Rottweiler, Chivas, passed on in 1999. Having a background in funeral services Nicholas found it important to view the process and be a part of it. He wanted to know that his beloved Chivas was getting individual cremation and he was, in fact, getting only Chivas’ ashes back.

Nicholas found nothing but dead end after dead end. No pet crematory facilities had open-door policies. Nicholas was in a unique position being that he was already in the funeral business, so he opened his own facility to offer the much-needed service of an open door pet crematory and pet funeral service center.

In 2002 Nicholas opened All Pets Crematory & Remembrances in Stamford. The facility is state of the art and welcomes owners into their facility to be a part of the process as much or as little as they feel comfortable with. Owners can actually be present during the cremation. The facility offers an informal, yet comforting atmosphere where you can choose from a variety of services and remembrance items chosen to bring comfort at your time of loss. The facility offers a private viewing area where you can spend precious moments with your pet before final disposition.

In addition, All Pets Crematory has a fast turnaround for crematories. Ashes can be returned as early as the same day if needed, though generally taking 1-2 days, whereas some places can take up to a full week.

All Pets Crematory offers a full line of remembrance items from urns and vaults for the preservation of remains as well as caskets, monuments, markers, and even keepsake jewelry. Other options are also available aside from cremation. All Pets Crematory offers transportation, full taxidermy services, and an on-call minister for memorial services at your choice of location.

All Pets Crematory wants to assist their customers in making the memory of their pets one to cherish. For more information about them visit their website at They are located at 120 Myrtle Avenue, Stamford and can be reached at 203-967-4949.

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